Since 2008, our remit has been to help bring dreams to life for local people in need, or those less fortunate. During this time, Dream Catcher has touched hundreds of lives in the Isle of Man.

Our Story

Welcome to Dream Catcher, one of the most special charities you’ll find anywhere! Originally started by Manx Radio in 2008, our remit was to make a difference to people who needed support: ‘to help bring their dreams to life’.

Over the years, this remit has evolved and Dream Catcher is now an important organisation that has touched hundreds of lives in the Isle of Man. We do not give donations of money, but rather respond to requests for products and services. It is these ‘gifts’, no matter how large or small, which really do make a huge difference.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We see an important future for Dream Catcher. A future where we continue to support good causes and help make a difference to local people’s lives.

As always, our mission will be to offer support to those less fortunate, or to local good causes that help our community, striving to be the charity which can assist those unable to find support elsewhere.


One of Dream Catcher’s strengths is in the diverse team, with years of business and charitable expertise to call upon – plus the connections to make things happen.
How you can help us

How You Can Help Us

Do you want to make a positive difference to our island community? Do you want to help us make dreams come true for genuinely deserving people and causes?

If you do, we would love to hear from you - here's how you can help...

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Intentionally blank

Intentionally blank


Our Ambassadors are an amazing group of individuals who selflessly devote time to Dream Catcher, helping to raise essential funds for our causes, whether that's inside a business or in the community.


Every single penny makes a difference so no matter whether it's a few pence or a sizable donation, your support will make more dreams come true! Simply click below to make a donation through our Just Giving page.

Corporate Sponsors

We're the charity that takes nothing for granted, and that includes our amazing Corporate Sponsors. We see our relationship as a partnership, often involving our sponsors and their staff.

Apply for Support

Dream Catcher accepts requests from any individual, group or charity, as long as they are based in the Isle of Man. We do not give donations of money, but rather respond to requests for products and services.

Case Studies

Our work is incredibly varied and touches many people’s lives. Here you can see a selection of the causes we have supported, thanks to your donations and those of our corporate supporters. Please note that this is by no means a full list of all the causes we have supported in the past. A lot of our applications come from people who would rather we keep our input quiet so we can’t always publicise these gifts. We might not be shouting all about it, but be assured we are always working behind the scenes to help improve lives!


Stay up to date with all our latest news, events and much more. Wherever possible, we will always try and include post event reports from our good causes.

Our Partners

A massive thank you to our corporate partners and sponsors. You can see more detailed information on our individual case studies.


Here you will find all the details to contact us – whether fund raising, applying for support or just to get in touch.

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