Dream Catcher launches ‘£10 for 10’ fundraising scheme

To celebrate Dream Catcher’s 10 year anniversary, we’ve launched a special fundraising scheme to help make even more dreams come true in this special year!

In the last 10 years we have raised in access of £250,000 and have paid for or facilitated the donation of gifts, services and support to the value of nearly £500,000. That is a lot of dreams and a lot of work but we’re far from finished and we are hoping that this year, our 10th, we can help a record number of people by raising a record number of funds which is why we have set up our £10 for 10 scheme.

What is the £10 for 10 scheme I hear you ask…well, we are inviting people to donate £10 for 10 months, it’s as simple as that!

Please don’t feel restricted by £10 for 10 months though, if you’d like to donate £1 for 100 months or £12 for 12 months or £100 for 1 month we’d love that too!

For more information, click here or contact sophs@dreamcatcherappeal.im