OmiVista Unit for Onchan Special Needs Unit

Dream Catcher is delighted to have donated a specialist interactive machine to Onchan Special Needs Unit.

The Unit has a number of pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties, including epilepsy and autism as well as children in the mainstream section of Onchan School who have communication and physical difficulties. The school had access to a mobile interactive machine that projects images and sounds on the floor, which responds to movement and activity. This unit had an incredible response from the children and the school knew they could have achieved so much more if they had been able to use it longer…which is why Dream Catcher granted their dream for an OmiVista Unit of their own.

Mareli Carshagen, Unit Manager said:

“The OmiVista has helped our pupils to be more focused when incorporating the OmiVista as part of our sensory lessons. At lunchtime, it is a good play tool. We use music instruments to accompany some of the musical programmes. The children love to ‘sit’ in the pool while we spray water on them. Thank you so much for all you have done! We really appreciate it”

Another dream comes true on the island