‘Shadow’ the horse simulator is a welcome boost for Manx Equitherapy

Dream Catcher is thrilled to have been able to support Manx Equitherapy with the purchase of a horse movement simulator, offering a boost to their equine therapy sessions during winter months.

Run by Psychodynamic Psychotherapist Wendy Medson, Manx Equitherapy provides therapy to mental health and corporate clients using horses. Wendy explained more about the donated equipment:

“At the end of summer each year, as the therapy horses at Manx Equitherapy have a well-earned rest we often use other learning and development methods throughout the winter months. One of those methods is a horse movement simulator to help gain a better understanding and self-awareness, relationships, well being, build confidence and skills, communication and to have fun!

“Sadly in September the equipment we used to help participants learn about balance and movement broke down and we were at a loss. We approached Dream Catcher to help to find a replacement and they were very keen to help.  Little did we know that not only did the people at Dream Catcher have a vision to help, but that between us we found the most magnificent replacement, a full sized Racewood Horse Simulator.

“The horse was named ‘Shadow’ by an 8-year-old girl who was blind from birth, an inspirational young lady who is determined to learn all about horses. Shadow has joined our team of equine therapy horses allowing us to go to the next level and use the most secure approach within an experiential therapeutic model based on a transformative development goal.

“The people at Dream Catcher have turned out to be ‘knights in shining armour’ and saved the day!”